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Rockets Festival in Thailand: The rain call ritual exists or existed before almost every people. And today in Thailand there is such a tradition, called the Festival of Missiles. This is a traditional folk festival held in the north-eastern regions of the country in May or June. The launch of festively decorated missiles, some of which are made for months and weigh up to a hundred kilograms, is designed to propitiate the gods and to elicit good rain clouds, favorable conditions for planting rice and abundant watering of the crop. According to legend, in Isana, the province of Bangkok, for several months there was no rain. This Praia Tan, the god of rain, forgot about this place and did not send rain clouds to Isan. People, unable to tolerate thirst, began to ask for help from animals. Agreeing to help people, the animals climbed into the sky and made a battle with a forgetful god. Frightened of angry animals, Praja Tan shed a long-awaited rainfall on this province. Since then, Isan has become the capital of a merry festival, traditionally held in front of complex agricultural work. This year, the festival will be held 10 May in the Park Phaya Thane, Yasothon. The holiday lasts two days. On the first day there is a procession with rockets, which is accompanied by theatrical performances, songs, music. At this time, there are fairs that offer local residents and tourists a variety of goods and food. During the second day missiles are launched outside the city. Teams of Thais, led by sporting excitement, are trying to launch their missiles as high as possible. But this is quite a dangerous occupation. Rockets made of bamboo with a filling of gunpowder and explosives are not only a bright and spectacular event, but also quite loud. The launching of missiles is accompanied by toasts, contests, for example the most beautiful launch, traditional feast, theatrical performances.

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